What Color Tights to Wear with Navy Dress

A navy dress is a wardrobe staple when creating a sophisticated and versatile look. What colour tights to wear navy dresses with is crucial for fashion-forward styling. This article delves into colour tights options, ensuring your navy ensemble always stands out in style.

Understanding the Versatility of Navy Dresses

Understanding the Versatility of Navy Dresses

A navy dress is a timeless piece that offers endless styling possibilities. The depth of navy blue makes it a perfect canvas for various accessories and tights. Whether wearing a blue dress for a formal event or keeping it casual, the navy blue dress maintains its charm. Pairing the right tights with your navy dress can transition the look from season to season, making it a versatile choice for any wardrobe.

Black Tights: A Classic Choice

Black Tights: A Classic Choice

Pairing black tights with a navy dress is a classic and foolproof choice. The elegance of black opaque tights brings a sleek and polished look, perfect for formal events or office attire. When you wear black tights with navy, it creates a subtle, stylish, and sophisticated contrast. Opt for black opaque styles for a more pronounced effect, especially in cooler months.

Exploring Color Tights Options

While black is a safe bet, exploring other colour tights can add a unique twist to your navy dress outfit. Consider grey tights for a softer look, or wear navy tights for a monochromatic appeal. Sheer tights in lighter hues can also complement navy dresses, providing a delicate contrast and a touch of femininity.

The Role of Shoes in Completing the Look

The Role of Shoes in Completing the Look

The right pair of shoes can significantly enhance your navy dress and tights ensemble. Pairing black shoes with black tights creates a seamless look, elongating the legs. Alternatively, navy shoes can harmonise with navy tights, offering a cohesive and elegant appearance. The combination of black tights and shoes works exceptionally well for a more formal or business look.

Accessories and Layering Tips

Accessories and Layering Tips

Accessorising and layering are key to elevating your navy dress outfit. Pairing with stylish ankle boots can add an edge to your look. When deciding what to wear with a navy skirt or dress, consider layering with cardigans or blazers for added texture. Mix and match tights and shoes for navy skirt outfits to find the perfect balance.

Occasion-Specific Styling

Styling a navy dress varies greatly depending on the occasion. A navy suit for formal events pairs well with sleek black tights, while a more casual navy and black combination can be perfect for everyday wear. Dressing up a navy blue dress for special occasions might involve choosing more luxurious tights and accessories.

Innovative Pairings and Trends

Innovative Pairings and Trends

Stay ahead of fashion trends by experimenting with tights with navy dress combinations. Mixing navy with black has become increasingly popular, offering a modern twist on classic styling. Pairing black and navy together can be a bold statement, showcasing how these colours can look great with navy.


Choosing the right colour tights to wear with a navy dress is key to creating a stylish and cohesive look. From classic black to innovative pairings, the versatility of a navy dress allows for numerous fashionable combinations. Embracing personal style while experimenting with different tights can elevate your navy dress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear a navy dress with black tights?

Yes, pairing a navy dress with black tights is a classic and stylish choice, offering a sophisticated look for various occasions.

What colour tights should you wear with a navy dress?

When choosing colour tights, you should wear them with a navy dress; options range from classic black, grey, or navy to more adventurous hues like white or patterned tights for a unique twist.

Is it appropriate to wear navy tights with a navy dress?

Wearing navy tights with a navy dress can create a chic, monochromatic look. It’s a great way to achieve a streamlined and elegant outfit.

How do you pair a navy dress with tights and shoes?

To pair a navy dress with tights, consider the occasion. For a formal look, black tights and shoes are a classic choice. Try tights and ankle boots in complementary colours for a more casual approach.

Can you mix black and navy together, like wearing a navy dress with black stockings?

Mixing black and navy together is not only acceptable but also trendy. A navy dress or skirt with black stockings or tights offers a contemporary and stylish look.

What type of tights would you recommend for a navy dress for a formal event?

For a formal event, opaque black tights or sheer black hose paired with a navy dress can create an elegant and polished appearance.

Are there any unique colour combinations for tights with a navy dress?

Unique colour combinations for tights with a navy dress include contrasting hues like heather grey or patterned tights, offering a creative and modern twist to the ensemble.

Should I wear navy shoes with navy tights and a navy dress?

Matching navy shoes with navy tights and a navy dress can create a sophisticated, monochromatic look, especially suitable for formal or business settings.

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