What To Wear With A Black Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts are wonderful things.  They’re comfortable, versatile, and more forgiving than skinny jeans.  Make it a black maxi skirt and you’ve got something that’s bound to pair well with most of your tops: solid, patterned, textured– black matches anything and everything.  However, it’s good to know that some looks work well with maxi skirts and some just don’t.  Here are a few ideas of what to wear with a black maxi skirt.

Crop Tops

The crop top and maxi skirt were meant to be together.  Maxi skirts tend to sit high at your natural waist, and crop tops end just above that point, leaving just an inch or so in between.  Also, while it’s not a definite rule, the usual arrangement is that crop tops fit snug while maxis are loose and flowing.  These opposites are actually the perfect complements, and the combination is very flattering for a feminine silhouette. ruffled crop top with black maxi skirtSlitted black maxi skirt by Forever21curved hem crop top with black maxi skirt

Loose Tops

A loose top tucked into the skirt will give a light, feminine look by accentuating your waist while the fabric stays loose and flowing everywhere else. On the other hand, a loose top left untucked gives an especially bohemian look, with all the fabric loose and flowing. Of course, you can find yourself somewhere in the middle depending on your taste.  If you want, throw on a chunky belt for more detail!


As simple as it is, this look has a romantic air to it– maybe because it’s reminiscent of the style in the 1940’s-50’s.  Either way, the combo of a button-up with a long black maxi skirt is so easy for how put-together it looks.  Tie the front of the shirt at or just above the top of the maxi skirt, or tuck it in and add a belt.

Psst! A chambray top (a denim button-up) with a black maxi skirt happens to be one of the trendiest things to wear this season!


It’s been said time and time again that you should avoid horizontal stripes, as they are “unflattering.”  Well, not if you do them right.  Stripes, polka dots, floral– they all go well with black maxi skirts; the busy-ness of the pattern up top is balanced and grounded by the solid black of the skirt.  As for accessories, a long simple necklace is elegant, but don’t shy away from a statement necklace, either.  Remember: everything going on at the top is balanced by the bottom.

Graphic Tees

The idea here is similar to patterns: when deciding what to wear with a black maxi skirt, wearing a top that has some visual detail is a perfect balance. Wear a graphic tee for a more laid-back, casual look.  Absolutely perfect with sandals for a quick and comfortable summer outfit, or with booties in the fall.


I know it seems odd, but it’s true: sweaters– even thick ones– are actually a great way to winterize a black maxi skirt. Depending on your style (and how big your sweater is), you can leave it untucked, tuck in the front or side, or all of it. Experiment with different textures and thickness!


Something you might not think of: outerwear that’s meant to be part of your outfit.  There’s something about the airiness of a flowing black maxi skirt with the bold, crisp look of a biker jacket.  Same goes for blazers! Just try to keep them on the shorter side, ending just below the waist.


Yes.  Perhaps most surprising of all, you can wear just the black maxi skirt.  But how? That’s scandalous! Well, if your maxi dress has an elastic waist (as many do,) simply take the waist and pull it up to your armpits.  Voilà! A probably unflattering strapless tent dress.  Make it a little more alluring by adding a belt to cinch at your natural waist-– either subtle and understated, or loud and eye-catching.  Your black maxi skirt just became an impromptu LBD.

Bonus! A Must-Have Item

As mentioned in almost all of the above, and certainly an option for each, is the belt! For all the different kinds of tops you can pair with this skirt, a belt will almost always come in handy and can make all the difference.  Experiment with different styles: a large, chunky belt with an eye-catching buckle; a skinny, almost unnoticeable black belt; a colorful belt; etc.

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