Best Men’s Shoes to Wear with Joggers – Top Footwear Picks for Style & Comfort

Finding the right shoes to wear with men’s joggers can be a blend of navigating fashion trends and prioritising comfort. Jogger pants have become a staple in men’s casual and athleisure wear, offering versatility and ease. But what are the best shoes to wear with joggers? This article delves into various shoe styles that perfectly complement joggers, ensuring you step out in style without compromising on comfort.

Best Men’s Shoes to Wear with Joggers – Top Footwear Picks for Style & Comfort

Joggers are versatile pants that can be dressed up or down. When choosing shoes to wear with jogger pants, there are a few things to remember. You’ll want to choose comfortable and stylish shoes that will complement the overall look you’re going for.

Here are a few of the best shoes to wear with joggers for men:

Low-top Sneakers

Low-top sneakers are a classic and casual option that always looks good with joggers. Choose a pair in a neutral colour like white, black, or grey for maximum versatility.

Low-top Sneakers

High-top Sneakers

High-top sneakers can add a bit of edge to your look. They’re also good for colder weather, keeping your feet warm and look great.

High-top Sneakers

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are an excellent choice for a more preppy look. They’re also a good option for warmer weather; they’re lightweight and breathable.

Boat Shoes

Chukka Boots

Chukka boots are a versatile option that can be dressed up or down. They’re a good choice for fall and winter, as they’ll keep your feet warm and dry.

Chukka Boots

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are a stylish and sophisticated option that can add a touch of polish to your look. They’re a good choice for fall and winter, as they’ll keep your feet warm and dry.

Chelsea Boots

Make sure they fit well and are comfortable, no matter what shoes you choose. You’ll be walking in joggers, so you don’t want your feet to hurt.

Understanding Joggers and Their Appeal

Due to their comfort and versatility, joggers have overtaken the men’s fashion world. Originally designed for athletic pursuits, joggers have evolved into an everyday wardrobe essential. The variety in styles is immense – from cargo joggers for a rugged look to denim joggers for a casual yet trendy vibe.

Don’t forget khaki joggers that offer a neat, semi-formal appearance and casual joggers that are perfect for a relaxed day out. Each style has its unique appeal and can be paired with different types of shoes to enhance the overall look.

Sneakers: A Classic Choice

When it comes to pairing with joggers, sneakers are a no-brainer. They offer a seamless blend of comfort and style. Classic white sneakers are a timeless choice that can uplift any outfit around joggers. For a more artsy and personalised look, canvas shoes or Converse sneakers make a great option. Brands like Nike offer a range of athletic shoes that look great and provide excellent support and comfort.

Elevating the Look: Ankle Boots and Formal Shoes

For those looking to elevate their jogger ensemble, pairing them with ankle boots or formal shoes can create a sophisticated yet edgy look. Dress and refined leather shoes can transform a casual jogger outfit into something appropriate for semi-formal events. When styling joggers with these shoes, it’s important to keep a balance – choose slim-fit joggers and add a smart top or jacket to complete the look.

The Sporty Edge: Running and Gym Shoes

Pairing joggers with running or gym shoes is ideal for a sporty, ultra-comfortable outfit. This combination works well for both workouts and casual outings. Crossfit shoes are another great option, offering durability and support. When choosing joggers with running shoes, consider the colour and design of both to ensure they complement each other well.

Casual Yet Stylish: Boat Shoes and Slip-Ons

Boat and slip-on shoes are excellent choices for a laid-back yet stylish look. These casual shoes pair wonderfully with joggers, creating an effortless, trendy outfit suitable for various casual settings. The key is to choose the right colour and material that complements the style of your joggers.

Unique Pairings: High-Tops and Other Options

Experimenting with high-top sneakers, bulky shoes, or other unique shoe styles can add an interesting twist to your jogger outfit. These kinds of shoes can make a statement and give a distinct personality to your look. Brands like Vans offer a variety of styles that can add a fun and quirky element to your jogger ensemble.

Tips for Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Joggers

Tips for Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Joggers

Selecting the perfect pair of shoes to complement your joggers can significantly enhance your overall style. Here are some essential tips to help you make the right choice:

  1. Consider the Style of Your Joggers: Joggers come in various styles, from athletic to casual and even semi-formal. Tapered joggers or those with a more structured look pair well with sleek sneakers or casual loafers. On the other hand, baggier styles or drop-crotch joggers may go well with bulkier shoes like high tops or athletic sneakers.
  2. Occasion Matters: The event or setting you’re dressing for is crucial in shoe selection. A good pair of canvas shoes or slip-ons for a casual day out can create a relaxed yet stylish look. Consider pairing your joggers with smarter shoes like leather loafers or dress shoes for more formal events.
  3. Personal Preference is Key: Your choice should reflect your style. If you like to wear bold and unique shoes, you might opt for brightly coloured or patterned sneakers. Classic black or white sneakers are a versatile and timeless choice for those who prefer a more understated look.
  4. Colour Coordination: Matching the colour of your shoes with your joggers can create a cohesive and polished look. For instance, black joggers, offering a versatile base, go well with almost any shoe colour. However, if you’re wearing coloured joggers, try to pick shoes in a complementary or contrasting colour for a balanced look.
  5. Impact of Shoe Style on Overall Look: The style of the shoes can dramatically alter the appearance of your outfit. Athletic shoes or running sneakers give a sporty look, while classic sneakers or canvas shoes contribute to a more casual appearance. Formal shoes like loafers or brogues can elevate your joggers for a smarter look.
  6. Bright-Coloured Shoes for a Pop of Color: A pair of bright-coloured shoes can add a lively element to a neutral jogger outfit. This is one of the best ways to make a statement and bring attention to your footwear, especially if the rest of your outfit is understated.
  7. Classic Black or White Shoes for Elegance: Classic black or white shoes are safe and stylish for someone who prefers a more refined look. They offer an understated elegance and are versatile enough to wear with almost any colour and style of joggers.
  8. Texture and Material Matter: The texture and material of your shoes can also impact your overall look. Leather shoes offer a more polished appearance, suitable for dressier occasions, while canvas or knit materials provide a laid-back vibe, perfect for casual outings.

With these tips in mind, you can confidently choose the right pair of shoes to pair with your joggers, ensuring that your outfit looks well-thought-out and stylish for any occasion. Remember, the key is to balance comfort with style and to choose shoes that reflect your style and the demands of the occasion.


Choosing the best shoes to wear with men’s joggers isn’t just about fashion; it’s about creating an outfit that resonates with your style. From sleek sneakers to stylish boots, the options are endless. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shoes for men and find the perfect match for your best joggers. Remember, the right pair of shoes can elevate your jogger outfit from ordinary to extraordinary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best men’s shoes to wear with joggers?

The best shoes to wear with joggers in men’s largely depend on the style and occasion. A good pair of sneakers or slip-ons work well for a casual look. You might opt for dress shoes or loafers for a more formal setting. The key is to pair with your jogger’s shoes that complement the style and colour of your joggers.

Can I wear joggers to work?

Yes, you can wear joggers to work, especially if your workplace has a more relaxed dress code. Choose chino joggers or a pair of black joggers for a smarter look. Pair them with a crisp shirt and a pair of sleek sneakers or leather shoes to maintain a professional appearance.

How do I choose the right pair of shoes to wear with my joggers?

Choosing the right shoes to pair with your joggers involves considering the style and color of your joggers. For a sporty look, athletic shoes or running shoes are your best bet. For a more casual or street-style look, high-top or bulky shoes like Vans or Converse shoes also work well.

Are sneakers the only option to wear with joggers?

No, sneakers are not the only option. While a pair of sneakers is a popular choice, you can also wear a pair of boots, loafers, or even dress shoes for a more elevated look. Joggers are versatile enough to wear with a variety of shoe styles.

What type of joggers go well with formal shoes?

For pairing with formal shoes, opt for tapered joggers or chino joggers. These styles offer a more structured look that goes well with dressier shoes like loafers or leather shoes. Ensure your joggers are well-fitted, and avoid overly baggy styles for a more polished appearance.

Can I wear tennis shoes with joggers?

Yes, tennis shoes pair beautifully with joggers for a comfortable, sporty look. They are particularly suitable for casual occasions or to achieve an athleisure vibe. Pair them with cotton or polyester joggers for the best effect.

How should I style joggers for a night out?

Style your joggers with a pair of sleek sneakers or ankle boots for a night out. Choose a slim-fit jogger, possibly in a dark colour like black or navy, and pair it with a stylish bomber jacket or a smart casual blazer for a sophisticated yet relaxed look.

Are there joggers suitable for summer?

Yes, joggers made from lightweight and breathable materials like cotton or linen are great for summer. Opt for lighter colours and pair them with canvas shoes or loafers for a cool and comfortable summer outfit.

Can I wear joggers with boots?

Yes, you can wear joggers with boots. Ankle boots or desert boots can create a stylish and edgy look. Make sure to choose slim-fit joggers that taper at the ankle to balance the look.

What are the best casual looks with joggers?

The best casual looks with joggers include pairing them with a simple tee or sweatshirt and a good pair of sneakers or canvas shoes. Add a denim jacket or an open button-down shirt over the tee for a slightly moreok put-together lo.

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