What 10 Things Can You Do Now to Age Well?

We’ve got 10 tips you can jump on now that will help you age gracefully in the future.

1. Embrace Optimism

Positive thinking can help overcome stress, stave off illness and even improve your lifespan. So… is your glass half empty or half full?

2. Dollars and Sense

Hoping to live large in your old age? Experts estimate you’ll need between 70 percent to 90 percent of your pre-retirement income to retire. Create a smart savings plan now so you can retire comfortably when you’re good and ready.

3. Eat Your Veggies

eat veggies

Saturated fats and trans fats are linked to heart disease, cancer and, yes, even wrinkles! Swap unhealthy foods for fiber-rich whole grains, fruits and vegetables to improve your appearance, give you healthy skin and increase your energy level.

4. Get a Move On

Exercise doesn’t just slim your waistline — it can lengthen your lifespan. Get your blood pumping to fight disease, improve your mood and boost energy. Whether it’s a game of tennis or just a stroll around the block, try to get a move on every day.

5. Let It Go

It’s all gravy, baby. Harboring resentment over past wrongs can hurt your health and your spirit. Write down the issue, fold it up and throw it out.

6. Outsmart the Sun

Don’t let your love for the sun be written all over your face. Too much sun exposure can cause premature wrinkles, age spots and skin cancer. Apply a facial moisturizer with built-in SPF 15 every day to prevent wrinkles and to keep your youthful appearance in check.

7. Give It a Rest


Literally! Securing sufficient shut-eye is an easy, no-fail way to not only improve your life expectancy, but your appearance, too. Aim for a good six hours of sleep each night to avoid dark under-eye circles, dull skin and a gloomy mood!

8. Socialize

A little QT with friends and family is good for the soul. Whether it’s in person, over a long phone call or via Facebook®, make time to stay in tune with your inner circle.

9. Exercise Your Mind

Want to keep your mind sharp? Learn something new every day. Crack open a book or the daily paper or take a class at a nearby community college to help keep your brain in tip-top shape.

10. Chill Out

Stressed out? Relax! Stress can cause everything from high blood pressure to heart disease. So, take a walk, do some yoga or try meditating. No one wants those worry lines!

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