11 Women Confess Their Deepest (and Funniest!) Beauty Secrets

Chin hairs and plastic surgery — oh my! How do your beauty secrets compare?

When it comes to beauty, we all have our little secrets. For some, it might be that the “natural look” takes 45 minutes to achieve, and for others, maybe the perfect manicure comes not from a pricey salon but from a kit you grab at the convenience store. For me, my biggest beauty secret is my eyebrow.

Yes, eyebrow, singular.

The truth is that, without my diligent attention and a pair of tweezers, I actually only have one eyebrow — it just happens to stretch from one side of my face to the other, the classic unibrow. Of course, my husband doesn’t realize this, so I just smile when he says, “Why do you wax your eyebrows? You don’t need to!”

It always feels better to know that I’m not alone in my secrets, so I appreciate these 12 women ‘fessing up their biggest beauty secrets too.

“My husband thinks I’m a natural redhead. He’s seen pictures of me with brown hair when I was a kid, but seems to believe that it just magically changed colors in college.”

Amber C

“I have a secret savings account where I’m saving up for laser hair removal and a tummy tuck. I’m pretty crunchy granola most of the time, so I think this would surprise my friends.”

Kimber L

“My partner is a shampoo snob and only wants to use the pricey stuff from the salon. She hasn’t realized yet that I keep refilling the same bottle with a drugstore brand. I’m saving us a ton of money!”

Amy N

“I’ll never admit to anyone, but I totally use the medicine that makes your eyelashes grow longer. I love getting compliments on my long eyelashes, and I love not having to wear mascara at the gym.”

Melissa K

“I keep tweezers in the car so I can pluck my chin hairs. The natural light plus car mirror is the best combo in terms of being able to see all my pesky whiskers. Totally sexy, right?”

Laura A


“My budget for beauty-related things is, um, large. Like, think of a large number. Now double it. And add $20, and that is what I spend every month. I think of makeup as my hobby though. I’m a collector of lip glosses and pretty eye shadows.”

Penny O

“It takes me about 40 minutes to go through my nightly beauty routine. I have an elaborate system and that doesn’t even include the hair and face masks I do on the weekends. I am NOT a low-maintenance kind of girl when it comes to trying to prevent aging.”

Sandra P

“My hair started going gray when I was 25, and I’ve just let it go. Now I’m 40, and I have a full head of gray hair. I tell people that I don’t dye it, because I’m making a political statement about beauty standards and our cultural obsession with youth, but the truth is I am just too lazy to keep it up. I only get my hair cut once a year for crying out loud. I can’t commit to coloring every two months.”

Mary M

“I don’t like getting zits (who does?), but I do find it oddly satisfying to pop them when they come up. I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help myself.”

Susie T

“I work for a fancy makeup counter at a fancy department store, but I still use my beloved drugstore brand foundation and lip gloss. Don’t ever let my boss find out!”

Catherine N


“Um, well, this isn’t the nose I was born with. Or the chin. Or boobs. I can take credit for my abs though! Those I worked for.”

Rebecca L

What is your biggest beauty secret?

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